The long awaited debut EP from Mr.Peppa is now out

October 27, 2020

The long awaited debut EP from Mr.Peppa is now out. Well out for preorder and will be officially available on all platforms by October 30th. Distributors VPal have helped to also curate interest in the hit makers project. So lets dive into what most people have been asking.

How and why would one of the most lyrical artist from Jamaica wait this long to create this piece of art? A full body project from an artist that has a national anthem in Dancehall. His monster hit “Hypocrite” which is now a decade old came at a time when Mr. Peppa a fairly young upstart, broke in from underground to the mainstream. Now seeing himself as a young veteran still in his thirties and banging out hits. He took time to hone and keep on making his presence felt on the global scene.

After parting with Natural Bridge Entertainment the artist had to decide to be fully independent. “Being indie you find yourself having to do everything and rebuilding becomes longer and more tedious”. Now its safe to say in his new deal he has found a home and an outlet with Push A Yute Inc which executively produced this body of work.

According to insiders #PEPPADEM is a work of art. According to Claude Mills of Loop Jamaica this is best EP he has heard all year. A quote from radio disc joc Supa Hype “one of the most original and entertaining EP I’ve heard in a long while”. So is this Mr Peppa best body of work? It probably is and will be until his long awaited album drops. So for the remainder of 2020 and going into 2021 we can rest assured that there is a project we need to go listen and we need to look out for. Vivian Thomas producer of the project was quite adamant that Mr Peppa had what it takes to deliver this great body of work.

#PEPPADEM has hits like “Money Up”, “Hot Peppa”, “Fyah Pan The Beat” featuring Kabaka Pyramid. Its a six track EP with an intro that sets the tone. And just to solidify his point the artist made us very aware that his focus was to allow you to see as many sides of him while staying in concise and about the theme.

So stay dialed in and lets see whats in this sauce they prepared.

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