Richie Spice releases 10th album ‘Black Man Time’

Sep 8, 2023

Forty years after Lionel Richie released All Night Long, the song which would go on to become one of his best-loved classics, or as the NY Post termed it, “a cultural phenomenon,” Jamaican singer, Richie Spice has done a reggae cover. It is one of the 14 songs on his album, Black Man Time, which will be released on September 8, his birthday.

All Night Long is one of three covers on Spice’s 10th studio album, and he shared that it has long been one of his favourite songs from a man who just happens to share one of his names – ‘Richie’.

“Me a sing it from me a juvenile … and me do my research and find out that Lionel was trying to do a reggae song,” Spice explained.

The seventh track on Black Man Time, the song actually has a story. As it goes, Lionel had a challenge finding the right hook for the song, which was already fully written. That in itself was different, since it was usually the hook that came first. One night, after dinner, Lionel was leaving the house of his Jamaican doctor friend Lloyd Greig and he said, in a Jamaican accent, “I’m going back to work all night long.” At that moment, it hit Lionel that he had the hook that he had been searching for and the title of his song, All Night Long.

Richie Spice does justice to All Night Long and makes only one change, by adding in the word ‘reggae’ before ‘party’.

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