Reggae Singer Kim Nain Bats For Women

March 9, 2020

Young reggae singer Kim Nain believes that every day should be celebrated as International Women’s Day (IWD), and in anticipation of this, at the end of January, she released what she hopes will become her women’s anthem, I Am Woman. An original single, the message is one of upliftment and sisterhood, and she says that the song fits snugly with the theme for IWD 2020, which is ‘I am Generation Equality: Realising Women’s Rights’.

“ I Am Woman speaks to women recognising the truth that it is OK to be a woman. It tells women that it’s OK to cry as long as you get up afterwards and claim your rights. As women, we need to embrace the fact that we are no less than and no better than our male counterparts,” the singer, who is now becoming a sought-after live act, commented.

Nain, whose 2018 Dale ‘Dizzle’ Virgo-produced debut album Deal Wid It helped to secure for her a fair amount of visibility – including placement on the Grammy consideration long list that year – is happy with the response to I Am Woman, which has been collecting spins both locally and overseas. In the run-up to IWD, she revealed that a radio show in Finland reached out to her based on the impact of the song, which is produced by Frankie Music on the My Paradise ‘riddim’. This last fact is important, she says, because it was the riddim that was one of her inspirations for the song.

“That was what gave me the upliftment vibes to write the lyrics, and it also made me think of my mother, who has said repeatedly that I should write a song to inspire. I was also inspired by my own self. As a woman, I know first-hand the struggles and the obstacles we face, which men can never comprehend,” she said.


Kim Nain, who was chosen as one of this year’s Marley75 ambassadors, when asked in February to give the reason why she had been chosen, responded, “I guess I’m talented”, with the barest hint of a smile. But she did hasten to add that she was overwhelmed with joy, humbled, and looking forward to her role. Although not a lot has been heard of the programme since its unveiling last month, Nain is confident that things are happening and that the Marley75 team continues to put in the work on this project.

“Something will be heard soon,” she said.

That aside, however, the young independent artiste, who doesn’t have a manager at this juncture, is said to be well poised to explode locally and overseas as she continues to impress audiences, label representatives, and concert promoters from the United States, Europe, and Africa. Her singles Marijuana and Meet Me (featuring Naomi Cowan) were played in over 30 countries. And in addition to her debut album, Kim Nain has had releases with California-based EDM group Bad Royale from Mad Decent and has enjoyed Top 20 placement in a few European charts.

“I am working on a new EP compilation which is titled Tempo, and it is also produced by Frankie Music Productions,” she told The Sunday Gleaner.

Feeling confident of making huge strides this year, Kim Nain is ready to do her part to help her fellow female artistes get up that ladder, and, in fact, to assist women, in general.

“I look forward to Women’s Day every year. It’s important to recognise women, generally. Out of the two genders, we carry the heavier load and feel the most pain. Women’s Day is a good time to pause and to encourage each other with our various testimonies that say you are not alone, we are in this together, and give a helping hand to our sisters. The thing is that no matter where you are on the social ladder, we all have our ‘down’ stories. Our stories may be different, but our obstacles are the same,” Nain said.



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