Featured Artist: Bella Blair

June 5, 2020

This is the opening salvo to the artist known as Bella Blair. Put your own spin on it, fill in your blank, and leave much to the imagination because this artist is beyond definition. Creating new waves in a modern-day renaissance, Bella Blair is proof that you really can do it all. A lover of words with no fear of the stage, enter the self-described “bizarre’ world of Bella Blair and get a full-blown experience. Blair is a talented chanteuse and wordsmithing songwriter with a vast amount of hidden talents. Blair was always destined for the limelight and started on the path to celebrity from the time she was four. A graduate of the University of the West Indies, with a degree in Media and Communications, she has become a huge sensation with over three million viewers tuning into her entertaining spirit. She has created a more expansive and diverse image of Jamaica as well as paving a way for new female talent to reach their dreams. Blair’s talent was easy to spot. As a Vlogger, during her University days, she began using observational humor that many found easily relatable to make social commentary. A natural-born achiever, it’s only fitting that she creates a whole world for herself. After dominating the social media space as a female vlogger, Blair decided that after six years, it was time to move on to the next chapter in her book of life. Bella has always had a passion for music as it is her first true love. She was introduced to music at the tender age of three
and started learning how to play instruments which propelled her musical talents shortly after. She continued pursuing music throughout her high school and university years and even represented Jamaica on numerous accounts performing on international stages around the world. Blair is passionate about music and making a change with the music she produces. She takes pride in songwriting as she currently pens all her songs. Many may ask about the genre of music Bella creates and that may be hard to put a label on given the fact that Bella is diverse and has an open appreciation for all types of music, which is reflected in the fusion vibe her music gives off. Bella usually has one answer for this….”What is a genre?” Bella released her first single “Jamaica” in 2016 which resonated with the Jamaican crowd and people in the diaspora (UK, USA, Canada..). The infamous David Rodigan introduced Bella to his crowd when he had the single “Jamaica” on his playlist for weeks. The track was well received and “turned a lot of heads” putting Bella in a spot as one of the female acts from Jamaica to look out for. Rodigan even said it himself when he dubbed her “one of the next stars to roll out of Jamaica”. The following year when “I Can Do Better” was released, a track from her debut EP Aura, he invited Bella to do a live recording with BBC 1Xtra when he visited Jamaica. Blair has been rocking the airwaves ever since and has been getting mass attention from dancers and disc jockeys from all over the world with singles such as don’t Chat to Me’ and ‘Mistake Too’.It comes as no surprise that Bella’s new single ‘Gimmie a Light’, produced by Frankie Music, is already getting a lot of attention from her fans as she teased its pre-release on her social media platform Instagram (@thebellablair). Bella has also been getting a lot of attention from radio disc jockeys across the world as they absolutely love the track. The song will be available on all digital music platforms on June 5, 2020. Bella is expecting great things as this song is very edgy and cool. The melody and flow is a lot different from what is currently out there which gives it a refreshing twist. Enter Bella’s Eclectic World – no passport required but it will be a life-changing experience.