Meta Sees Vax As Way Forward

Sep 17, 2021

Senegalese artiste, Meta, believes that vaccination is one of the major avenues to get the world to return to normality.

“Whatever man knows what to do, then it is the Most High who bestowed the knowledge to them. You have to open your minds to the science, the vaccine is out there, worldwide. I have faith that the scientists are humans and have good intentions; they don’t want to poison the world. I am confident that the science will win the day, we all took vaccines growing up in Senegal and we’re still standing,” he said.

“With most medication, there are some side effects… but I feel good about this vaccine.”

Meta is promoting his latest album, Dia (pronounced ‘jah’ in French) which will be released on all digital platforms via VPAL Music on Friday, September 17.

The 16-song album, he said, is beautifully crafted and full of passion for music and message, sounding pouncing rhythms and harmonies.

“In the French language ‘dia’ is pronounced ‘jah’, but in the French way of writing, coming from Senegal, it is reflecting what is going on, not only addressing the negative situation, but a message of forgiveness, that is where we can heal. Big up Africans here and abroad; be proud of who we are as black people,” he said.

He insisted on using traditional sounds from Senegal and mixing it with reggae.



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