Former Couple Ce’Cile, Christopher Martin Have ‘No Expectations’ In New Collab

Apr 24, 2023

Former couple Ce’cile and Christopher Martin have each been experiencing lonely nights of late and are set out to do something about it in their new single, No Expectations. 

Produced by Cyclone Music Group and J-Vibe Productions, No Expectations was recently released with an animated lyric video showing the two one-time lovers sharing a warm embrace.

“Boy let’s get together and take a vacay. Let me love you now over your body,” Ce’cile sings in her verses. Adding, “Tonight I’ll have you, and you can have me. Not expecting nobody.” 

Martin agrees they should get away for a ‘weekend full of pleasure’, adding, “Now it’s the perfect time for my hands to prove my lips have told no lies.”

The song glides on a mid-tempo Reggae Lovers Rock-style baseline that spurs old-school romantic feels. For some listeners, Ce’cile and Chris’ new collab has sparked rumors of a rekindled love.

“Nice song … it could be a real story being told in a song,” one person mused on YouTube.

Another commented, “Wonder if Christopher lyrics are true 🤣🤔👍🔥🔥 great song 🎵.”

“I love it. I wish they are back,” chimed in another.

Martin, 36, and Ce’Cile, 49, called it quits in 2014 after four years of dating. Since their breakup, the two have remained ‘friends’ and they maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship for their daughter Christiyana, affectionately called “Nana.”

According to the Jamaica Observer, Nana earned Jamaica its only medal in the level two category at the recently held Pan American Gymnastics Union (PAGU) Games in Melgar, Colombia. In 2021, she competed in level one of the games and won two gold and two bronze medals.

Over the years, Ce’cile and Chris both shared their platonic kinship on social media. Ce’cile (whose real name is Cécile Claudine Charlton), has especially lauded how great of a father Martin has been to their 10-year-old.

In one of her many Father’s Day tributes to Martin, the Changes singer wrote, “Happy Father’s Day @iamchrismartin, thank you for your 50% of a wonderful little human being. It’s not always perfect but we try. We try for the sake of our children who should see the very best human beings we can be. Thank you for always coming through for Nana.”

Christopher Martin and Ce’cile previously teamed up for Wine Pon Mi in 2010, which was produced by Marlon Easy of Jus Eazy Production, and Sweetness in 2011, which Kingstone Records produced.

Ce’cile also recently teamed up with Demarco for a remix of her 2022 track, Make Me Feel Nice.


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