Emeterians do Lockdown Project

Sep 17, 2021

THE words curfew, lockdown, and quarantine are part of the everyday vocabulary, given COVID-19. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that the Emeterians have dubbed their latest album, the Lockdown Project.

Co-produced by Spanish producer Cosme Deyah, the 10-track project was recorded during lockdown in Spain in August 2020.

“It was recorded at our home studio in Spain,” said Maga Lion, who mixed and mastered all tracks, except for Be Careful by Saul Wolf.

Maga Lion is one-third of the harmony group Emeterians which also includes Sistah MaryJane and Brother Wildman.

“Our music and lyrics are specially meant for the new generations. In this project we mixed modern elements like 808s, trap hi hats or even some sampling to our classic style of reggae so we can also connect with the younger audience all over the world, while keeping faithful to our style and fans,” Maga Lion said.

This is the trio’s seventh studio album. It will be released on all digital streaming platforms on September 17 via VPAL Music.

Be Careful and Call Me Anytime You Want were released mid-2021.



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