Dovey capitalized off her raunchy ‘Breakfast Club’ interview

November 18, 2019

Dancehall artiste Dovey Magnum plans to use the backlash she received from a recent appearance on US radio show ‘ The Breakfast Club’ to her advantage.

The infamous interview, which took place back in August, saw Dovey as raunchy and unapologetic as ever as she discussed sex and relationships.

Her straight-talking personality didn’t allow her to hold anything back as she addressed issues without filtering her responses.

Some did not appreciate the way the deejay expressed herself and sought to belittle her in YouTube comments.

‘Downtown’ and ‘ratchet’ were just some of the names she was called, but the Prayer Me A Use and Win singer was not daunted.

“I was both excited and nervous (about the interview), but I decided to just be confident and be myself because that’s what you have to do. I knew Charlamagne (the host) would come at me strong and buck me like a cow, but every time he did, I buck back two times harder, and that made the conversation tense,” she said in a release sent to THE STAR. “Overall, it was fun going toe to toe on NY’s biggest show, and the end result is not the negative comments but that my song Juju lead out the VP album and climbed straight to the top of the reggae Billboard chart. The song is still hitting as we speak, so that is an overwhelming feeling.”

Based overseas, Dovey is looking to set up shop on the international circuit. She believes that tapping into popular US media outlets like The Breakfast Club is one of the ways to gain international traction.

“I see myself as an international product, and it’s all about putting in the groundwork to get reggae and dancehall on the platforms. At the end of the day, that’s what I did,” she said. “The music is good, but if the mass is not getting it, then it won’t make an impact,” she said.

In addition to Juju, the deejay is promoting the singles Sex is Lovely and Female Shella. She released a music video for the latter recently.



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