Dancehall Starlet Pretty Pretty Shows Off Slick Delivery At UK Radio Station

Jul 30, 2021

Dancer-turned-deejay Pretty Pretty is busy promoting her ‘buzzy’ new single SAD EEH while on her first UK tour as a recording artist. The former Team Spice member has performed in the UK alongside the Queen of Dancehall, but will grace the stage as a solo act this weekend at the UK Buzzy Tour.

The all-female event also features her fellow media personalities/friends/co-stars TC and Dancing Rebel, who hyped up the ‘dolly’ deejay during a recent appearance at Nottingham radio station, Kemet FM. Pretty Pretty, whose real name is Tashlicka Laird, wowed everyone with her slick on the spot delivery, prompting the deejay to pull up the track several times.

Pretty Pretty’s latest single, SAD EEH, is a taunting jab at social media trolls that’s been trending on YouTube since it dropped two weeks ago. The Jordan #1 deejay got a major forward when she performed the track at Nottingham’s Kemet FM, an urban radio station with an Afro-Caribbean focus. The siren shared a snippet with her 363K followers, and the clip of her flexing her chops on the riddim has since been making the rounds.

“As mi wake tek a look over di ‘Gram/ Mi see Mickey Mouse, Alice inna Wonderland/ Gyal ah come ah chat bout seh she ah di one/ An’ last time mi check bwoy ah seh mi ah him don/ Gyal life sad eeh? Waan pick big war wid di dolly/ Stress free an’ mi life still happy,” she rhymed as Rebel, TC and the DJs cheered her on.

PRETTIIPRETTII - SAD EEH (Official Audio)Pretty Pretty, TC and Rebel (commonly referred to as PTR) are making big moves overseas this summer, and the Kemet FM visit was just one of several promo stops for the week.

“July 31 di doll dem ago tear dung piece a London”, TC captioned the flyer of this weekend’s UK Buzzy Tour, while a dance class, PTR Triple Workshop, is slated for Monday, August 2. The trio has been gaining traction since the launch of their reality web series Dancehall Life in April, and Pretty Pretty’s music is now a hot topic among dancehall fans at home and abroad.

Veteran female singjay Ce’cile, who was impressed by the nascent star’s effort and energy, commented, “Real dancehall vibesssss. Pretty u have ittttt”, while fellow artist Nikki Chromazz said, “Big artist enu!!! Watch performance.”

One of Pretty Pretty’s fans who was more amused by the trio’s camaraderie wrote, “IF MY FREN DEM NUU HYPE MI UP SUU A PROBLEM ENU!”. SAD EEH also includes a rap verse and is the most versatile of Pretty Pretty’s singles so far, currently nearing the 200K mark on Youtube.

PTR is also scheduled to appear at Drip: The Hot Tub And Chill Brunch Edition on August 1 while in the UK.



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