Dancehall Artiste Laa Lee Trends With New Single ‘Fat Girls Matter’: Watch

January 11, 2021

With the frenzy circulating Dancehall artiste Laa Lee right now, it seems he’s about to catch his big break with the release of a video for Fat Girls Matter.

Produced by Ireland Records, the David Ireland and Everton Gentles directed music video, which hit streaming on January 5, is trending at the No. 1 spot on YouTube JM since today. Though, it seems a lot of credit is owed to local Internet sensation June Dixon, a.k.a. @rosealee_barbie, and the main feature in Laa Lee’s new visuals for the track.

The confident plus-size performer plays out a hilarious skit in the intro as she confronts her very lanky lover to choose between her or another slender love interest. After asserting that her female attributes are in fact way better than her opponent’s, Rosealee Barbie insists further that her man makes a choice.

“Who you want the whale or the tail?” she says comically referring to herself as the mammoth-sized sea creature, which sends spectators exploding in laughter.

Well, as much as it pained her man to have to choose, when he did, he screeched, “Fatty I love you.”

Laa Lee picks up the cue from there and begins his sidesplitting narrative that bluntly describes “fatty’s” shortcomings but alternatively flatters her throughout the track. “Fatty yuh got it but you belly it a block it …. but ah one ting wid fat gal, dem ever clean plus dem p– p– tight,” Laa Lee says while singing the title of the song on the hook, “fat girls matter.”

The music video shows Rosealee enchanting all the boys in a small pub as they all take turns dancing and enjoying her fluffiness. Watch more below.

Laa Lee has always chosen comedy as a path into the Dancehall space and created quite a buzz for himself doing so. He was featured on BBC Radio 1Xtra with Seani B at the Big Yard Studios when they visited Jamaica early last year in April.

Laa Lee is popularly known for his other tracks, Tip Inna It, Watz On Sale, Ugly, and Quack Quack.

Check out his new track Fat Girls Matter here –


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