Aaron spreads Positive Vybz

November 3, 2020

Aaron Silk is spreading positivity with his latest single Positive Vybz while adopting a new moniker — Aaron the Rod.

“Music is the rod and we are Moses. Music is the voice of his [Moses’s] brother, Aaron. To me the rod is a positive thing as it was what Moses used to lead the children of Israel out of bondage. So Aaron the Rod is positive and so is my song,” said the reggae singer.

Released on October 9, Positive Vybz is being distributed by VPAL Music. The song has an accompanying video.

Aaron Silk said he is very happy with the reception the song has been getting.

“The positive vibe that the song brings is really resonating with people. They are feeling and enjoying it especially in the COVID-19 pandemic when so many persons are struggling,” he said.

He explained that the song speaks to our ability to do good and moralises the concept that positive energy shall follow.

“The struggles of our times may appear overbearing, but I wish to remind people that Jah’s love is unending. How we treat each other matters! Our actions ultimately define our reality,” he said. “As a people, we need this strength and I as a witness to ‘love made possible’ by our creed, celebrate this through this song Positive Vybz. Still journeying on the righteous path to Jah!”


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