Featured Artist: Shawn Antoine

January 9, 2020

Shawn Shannard Antoine Allwood (Born January 7), better known by his stage name Shawn Antoine, is considered to be a contemporary Reggae Artiste who hails from Spanish Town, St. Catherine.
Known among his peers for consolidating conscious messages into his music, Shawn Antoine grabs his inspiration from real-life events and everyday situations.

Although Shawn Antoine had a passion for music, education was his main focus with aspirations of joining the medical field. His parents made sure he received the best education possible before he ventured into the musical field professionally. Shawn started out as a musician playing the piano for functions at his high school which opened doors for him to accompany artistes both in the gospel and secular field.

Antoine then ventured into the production world where he was privilege to work with some of the heavy weight in the industry like: Robert Livingston, Comar Campbell (Frankie Music), Dannie Browne, Kurt Riley and Bobby Digital just to name a few. After working as a producer for approximately 6 years, Shawn Antoine decided it was time for him to master his art form as a recording artiste. He caught the eye of a producer Comar Campbell (Frankie Music) who assisted him in taking the necessary steps towards becoming a mainstream artiste.. With his career already on a high, Shawn Antoine released several collaboration with main stream acts like Konshens titled ” Fulltime Gyallis”, produced by Frankie. ,a cover of Shawn Mendez’s “Treat You Better” featuring Qraig from Voicemail and “hey Girl” featuring Lisa Mercedez out of UK.

Shawn along with Frankie music then released a self titled reggae EP Shawn Antoine with lead single “Up For Grabs” with Christopher Martin. The EP also featured other local and international producers which was then released on January 5 2018. Since then Shawn Antoine has performed on most major platforms around the world such as SummerJam (Germany), Reggae Sumfest (Jamaica), Grace jerk Festival (Net york) , Sting (Jamaica), just to name a few. Already a household name, Shawn Antoine continues to gain traction and love from music lovers

Living by the philosophy “Live for today because there are no promises for tomorrow” Shawn
Antoine is focused on continuing to grace the world with positive and thought provoking music.